Join the Amtrak FOP# 189 Surgeon Program

We are seeking health care professionals representing every specialty and sub specialty related to health care, both physical & emotional.  Our members are called upon by officers of the Amtrak Police Department to assist in health-related and social needs.  Members of the Surgeon Program pledge to support the law enforcement community and their family members.


  • Licensed MD. DDS, DPM, DC
  • Copy of License
  • Copy of Diploma
  • Resume



Provide a check for $350.00 to cover the application fee and first years’ dues. This will also cover the cost of the badge, wallet, placard and processing of the application. A current parking placard will be supplied each year after annual dues of $175.00 is paid. The annual dues are to be paid every year on or before January 15th. With the return of last years placard. If the placard is not returned with the dues this will delay you getting the current placard.

DISCLAIMER: Becoming a member of the AMTRAK Police Lodge #189 SURGEON PROGRAM does not give you any authority as a law enforcement officer. It is up to the discretion of the AMTRAK Police Lodge #189 SURGEON PROGRAM to allow member into the organization and to revoke membership if necessary. All materials received from the organization are property of the organization and must be returned upon request.

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